ABOUT ME (an honest perspective)

You know how it goes, these pages make it sound like we’ve never had a problem in our lives and we’ve always been rich and only idiots and losers can’t make money online. Naturally you should trust us because we’ve always been so perfect with our lives, finances, and advice. But the reality is I couldn’t write this if it didn’t stem from my own failures, and my own trials of failure.

You’ve seen those fake “About Us” pages that sound like this:

“Michael Young has been in the internet marketing business for 10 years and has helped 1,800 people a become a millionaire in just a short period of time. His time and effort in having a 100% clean record has helped thousands fulfill their dreams… blah, blah blah.”

You know it’s crap, and so do I. In fact if people repeat the narrative about their perfect life stay away because most of the stuff out there is a bald-faced lie.

The reality is I’ve been in your shoes, and I’ve struggled, made huge mistakes, lost a lot of money and time, and read a lot of confusing information that has stifled my success more than I care to admit.

And the worst part is if you are looking for answers with how to make money odds are you’re as confused, frustrated and upset things aren’t going your way. And just like you I’ve been so freaking confused at times I wanted to slam my head through a wall.

Worst of all, making money online is simple, yet difficult to know how to actually do it because there is a huge vested interest to confuse you with continuous courses on traffic and “tricks” that line people’s pockets and not yours. There is more money in confusion, than clarity of thought, and because this is a well known marketing trick the job of most marketers is to present enough ideas that you remain in a state of confusion looking for the next “product” to soothe your addiction and frustration.

As a matter of fact I can honestly say I’ve avoided the internet marketing business because I didn’t want to get lumped in with the constant barrage of garbage posing as life advice to make money. I’ve never wanted to get into this industry for the very reason most people want to get in to this industry, mostly because I don’t like what’s being sold and promoted and have that “guilt by association” stigma over my head.

Would You Honestly Want To Be In A Business In Which The Vast Majority of Information Doesn’t Help Anyone Except The Person Selling It?

Let me make this point through an example… there are a lot of people who teach you find a niche, find a private label rights course, and just promote it as if you made it and make money. Now the odds this works are slim, and worst yet this is taught so repeatedly people wonder why selling something which didn’t sell for the first person is a good idea.

Also, and here’s something never brought up by “gurus” is that selling private label rights products that you don’t know what you are teaching might make you a sale, but can you honestly stay in a business in which people will discover you’re techniques really don’t work? Eventually your goose will be cooked.

So I’ve fought going into this business for this reason, but a friend of mine reminded me of Dan Kennedy bringing up this point and he said if you have information which can help people in a world of bad information and dishonesty you almost have an obligation to help people arise from the confusion out there.

I’m not martyring myself, but I do feel an obligation to tell you why I want to help people.

In fact I used to run a successful offline business before regulation forced everyone in my former industry to change course. It’s been a humbling experience rebuilding a business, and worse yet, to be given so much misinformation that’s 100% theory based that the person selling has probably never done it themselves.

Well, the good news is I know what actually works and what doesn’t work because SURPRISE! I’ve actually done what I teach. I know I know… pretty weird in this industry.

Here’s another funny admission most people don’t like to admit… I’m not a technophobe, but I am by no means a technical guru who can code stuff and do technical online thingies. In fact this site was made 100% by me (can’t you tell?) with a theme for Word Press that makes it easy to make websites. I just press up and down on bars to make stuff on my site because if I had to know how to code something or die to make this site… I’d probably die.

So What Does This Have To Do With You?

Well if you want to make money with your passion in life (in most any niche), or you want to make a living as an online salesman (there are great opportunities), the good news is you can harness your strengths and just run with them.

What I learned and what I want to share is that making money with a computer and the internet is so easy today and there is just a ton of opportunity out there for you to succeed if you know what actually works vs a theory based project that will probably leave you exhausted and frustrated once again.

The best thing is not only I but other people who I’ve helped can attest that I have plenty of experience helping people bring their passions, strengths, and ability to escape the grind of a J-O-B.

Here’s a warning for you if you are looking at testimonials for others people’s business… Most testimonials are made directly after people read the material presented and not after they’ve done it successfully!

I hope that’s not shocking to you. One of the best signs a person’s advice works is that the people they’ve helped will attest for them after they’ve used their ideas.

So, in closing, I’m not saying that the road has been easy, but it’s a great road to travel and I’ve liberated myself from the idea of a job by my passion in helping others succeed and leave their jobs too. I don’t consider this work because it’s liberating to help others do what they’ve dreamed of and watch you succeed and achieve life on your terms.