A common question I get frequently is should I do sales as an affiliate or as a product creator? The answer is simple:

Whatever you think is best for you

Putting anyone in a cookie cutter is a great way of failure. Why should anyone who is inherently shy beyond belief become a product creator? Also, why should anyone who doesn’t know SEO, PPC, media buys, etc. be doing affiliate marketing?

You see there is no easy answer, the real answer lies in your ability to know what your strengths are, what you love to do, and be successful as soon as possible.

Now why did I add “successful as soon as possible”? I would say the biggest step to helping you succeed is not in crafting the perfect offer, figuring out the best traffic method, but in getting your first success online no matter what size they are.

I used to play professional sports as a teenager and I was asked how you make it back when you are playing like garbage and got in a rut, and my answer was to play against lesser competition, and get some success under your belt before jumping right back to the same level of competition you are supposed to play.

Its no different when trying to figure out where you fit online. Maybe money isn’t that important and your vision and gift are the most important, well focus there. Maybe getting out of your 9-5 no matter what the cost to have life on your terms then focus on the quickest path to cash is your goal…

Whatever it is, you need to find your mission, strengths, and focus there before going anywhere else.

When it comes to helping people there are a million different paths anyone can go and it’s up that person and their needs and wants of that time to achieve them.

Objectively, the person who is positioned best to succeed is the product creator.

Why? Because owning a product gives you the ability to find affiliates, to have an asset which can be sold at a later time, and gives you lasting credibility as an expert in a niche. Also, creating a product allows you to create a buyers list which is much much much more valuable than an opt-in list on your website. A buyer is worth 10-30X what an opt-in list is worth.

So if you get 200 opt-ins for your free bribe, or 50 buyers, I guarantee you the odds of you monetizing those leads will be much higher with the 50 buyers, even if all they did was buy a something small from you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you as an individual to determine what’s your best course of action for success. Your focus should never be how to overcome your weaknesses but what suits me in my current path to achieve what I want in the least amount of time.

I wish you well on your journey.

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