Change The Way You Think

There is a huge difference between the have and the have nots online, and its not secret knowledge or how much you need to do but it starts with how you think of yourself in relation to your success.

It’s the difference between receiving & giving.

When you are not reaching your goals you are in the mode of giving. You are giving your money, your time to learn, and your time to others because you aren’t ready to receive for your talents and vision. Today I want you to change that entirely.

Today I want you to get in the mode of receiving. I want you to realize that the way you are going to succeed is to stop looking for how you are going to give your time and your money without being ready to receive for your gifts.

Have a friend who asks you for favors or review their stuff? Great! Charge them $20 for that previously free work and if they do “free” work for you then you they get paid too.

I want you to realize that you should be in the mode of receiving for your time, your energy, and everything you do. Don’t undervalue yourself because you aren’t making $1,000 a day. You should be rewarded for your talents and help and even if that means you and the friends you work with are just trading jobs at an equal amount of money so be it.

You have start with the idea that you are worth every cent and should be charging for it. Imagine getting rewarded and receiving for what you give to others and start receiving for what you give to others.

I say this because I remember when I first started online and I can remember all the free time I spent helping others and preparing and preparing to make my first $50,000 in a day. Well I realize it started when someone paid me $40 to help them create a webinar for them.

I realized I charged too little, but very quickly I received something more than the money, it was the idea that I was worth every cent and it was time to charge people what I was really worth.

Yes, It All Started With $40

Now its time for you to realize your worth and start receiving for your gifts. If you don’t you won’t realize why you started this path to begin with, namely, to live a real lifestyle business on your terms so you can escape and create your own path.

I’d love to hear from you and where you are on this path of receiving! Comment below!

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