Mastering Your Time (people charge for this stuff)

What I’m about to show will make you thousands this year, hopefully the next level next year.

I just want to give you a really quick trick so that you can do 60% more work in the same day as you usually work. People charge you what I’m about to show you, so put away your credit card ok?

You know what’s always bothered me? Productivity courses, I just can’t imagine what I’m going to show you should cost you a cent, but trust me, you’ll make a boat-load by being productive like this…

So here’s how you do it, and don’t underestimate this just because it seems so simple ok?

Before you start your day (either the night before or the morning you start work) I want you to literally write down all of your plans for the day it should look like this:

8-9am read and reply to customer emails (show them you love them :)
9-11am make slides for course for coaching students
11-12pm make notes on what you are going to say
12-12:30 eat lunch
12:30-2pm record voice-over for the slides
2-3pm edit slides
3-4pm network for future projects
4-5pm finish up what I didn’t do earlier

And guess what? I live by those hours of the day. If I don’t finish something in the time I set it in I always leave it open during the last hour.

Let me tell you why you do this because at first glance that might sound inefficient but it’s not…

We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule right? Well I’ve found we cannot know what 20% of our work will yield 80% of our results so because we don’t know that beforehand you just plan your day to the best of your ability.

Here’s why… if you put a time when you will stop and do the next thing mentally we work and take action to finish those steps FASTER than if we just say “I’m going to work on X today” without limits.

Now that we have a goal we work to hit that goal.

What if we don’t hit that goal during that time-frame? Our next natural tendency then is to finish the next goal faster in a time-frame to give us spare time to finish what we were last doing and the final hour helps us wrap everything up.

In essence you want to have goals for the following:
-Daily goals
-Weekly goals
-Monthly goals

And then segment each action into how much money you hope to reach so you can re-segment your week to take those actions to make you money so it your list should look like this now:

8-9am read and reply to customer emails… $50
9-11am make slides for course for coaching students  $300
11-12pm make notes on what you are going to say  $150
12-12:30 eat lunch $50 (yes, my best thoughts are at lunch)
12:30-2pm record voice-over for the slides  $150
2-3pm edit slides $150
3-4pm network for future projects  $200
4-5pm finish up what I didn’t do earlier  $100

If you have a Mac use the Apimac free product and if you use a PC there are a ton of free stop watches to help you time yourself or alarm clock products, but I prefer a stop watch (all free)

I put those dollar value in to let myself really envision the value I just created by being productive.

Next time I’ll charge you for a time-management course. Now I’m just kidding, but if you can segment how each action will help us hit an actual dollar amount you can see what you’re time is ACTUALLY worth rather than HOPING and PRAYING it does.

This is how I’m productive and you should too, I can’t recommend this enough and yes it’s really that simple!

Now leave me a comment and tell me what you think! I love to hear from you!

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