You’ve seen those fako claims, and they are all the same: 1st use a fake cash number down to the cents and 2nd how they did it in such a short period of time that people who are desperate to make really quick cash will just buy it hoping it will be their salvation in the 11th hour.

Yes, there are ways to make quick cash online, but odds are it’s not because they figured out a trick on Craigslist, or some secret push button riches that make them $300/day that they now sell to you for $19 or less. Let me tell you upfront how you can spot such false claims real fast with common sense:

1st Physical Products: If you ever see someone say they made several thousand dollars selling a physical product in under so many days or hours I’ll tell you in advance selling a physical products that produce thousands in revenue are extremely rare.

If you, for example, had to sell $2,000 of X product that sells for $10 that means you have to product 200 sales in a day, which is next to near impossible unless you are in a large fair with a hot product (and then you live a carnie’s life), or in a mall with a hot product during Christmas season. So for the ordinary guy or gal selling a physical product making $2k without having a huge built-in traffic source (tourist destination, mall in hot season, fair) is impossible at $10 a pop.

2nd Digital Products (info): If someone tells you they made $2,801.14-$374,983.86 (I mean if we are going to generate fake arbitrary numbers why not have fun with them) in digital product sales in a short period of time let me be clear that it’s not easy to do without A. Having a large affiliate base who can do a mailing for you or B. Knowing PPC very well or C. Having a venue that can get you a ton of sales with built-in traffic (App Sumo for example) or D. You’ve already developed a very strong organic traffic structure that can create a lead generation machine through SEO or video marketing.

In all such circumstances the alleged “2-9 days” that they claim made them all this money usually took weeks and months before they built up the structure to make that amount of money in a short amount of time.

In fact if you want the fastest way to make money online using your strengths (writing, speaking, programming, etc.) to match another person’s weakness who is already making money is the fastest way, or providing legitimate services to people looking for 1-on-1 help for things they cannot get answers for with cookie-cutter programs they’ve already bought.

Some of my coaching students have received more advanced methods of making money quickly with huge pay-days, but in the few hundreds of words per blog post I don’t want to confuse you with more advanced methods. Stick with those 2 ways and don’t get caught in the sales copy hype.

So if you’ve never made a cent online and you’re looking for the quickest way to cash, those are the 2 easiest ways to break into the field, get testimonials, and start to build momentum.

In closing, the idea of making $1,804.31 in 4 days according to sales copy lies and manipulation is doing you a disservice both to your time and your efforts of getting you to financial stability. Most of these claims are based on complete lies, and even when they aren’t lies the odds of you replicating those sales in that period of time take a lot more than the short period of time they are claiming.

Most of the methods don’t work, and if they do work it takes building an infrastructure beforehand to actually make the amount they claim. Use common sense, if someone is showing you a way they made $2k in 4 days with no experience why would they share that with you creating a ton of competition unless they knew there was more to it or they willingly knew it didn’t work?

Believe me, I’ve fallen for those things as well in the past, but once you realize how much more money you can make running a real business with proven techniques you’ll realize that paying the $19 for that trick wasn’t the real casualty, it was your wasted time you can never get back.

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