The Fastest Way To Make Real Money Online


Ok so here are the 3 big things everyone who is trying to make money online quickly and easily should think about because there is just so much garbage out confusing you and stopping you from getting to your goals.

The first major problem I see for most people is an emphasis on tricks and fads to get them to the next level instead of what’s actually working for real businesses online.

What I mean by that is there are so many people trying to buy the next piece of software to help with conversions or traffic, or plugins for their wordpress site to do something which hasn’t changed anyone’s business substantially EVER.

Have you ever seen someone’s business change drastically because of some new software developed in the last 3 years? I haven’t and probably neither have you.

The biggest change I’ve seen is the development of webinars and not a simple plugin here or there. If you think the next plugin for wordpress is really change your business I’d love to see a real world example of a business transformed by the use the next piece of software.

I’m not discounting the idea that certain plugins and scripts can’t help, but focusing on them is really a bad way to invest your time and money.

The next major issue I see over and over again is the attempt to find the next quick way to riches without thinking if the idea will work 3 weeks from now, let alone 3 years from now.

Honestly most online based businesses haven’t changed much in the last 3 years. The guys on the top haven’t made drastic changes to their traffic sources, or the way they write copy because the ideas of what works and what doesn’t work hasn’t really changed.

What’s your big take-away? Stick with what works and focus there before you think about trying something new.

The last issue I see that has really hurt a lot of people is that fact that there is this mystical belief of a magical traffic source that once reached all of their problems will go away.

There are several fallacies with this thinking:
1st All the major types of traffic sources are exactly the same as they were 3 years ago, although they have become more difficult to work with because of more competition
2nd Getting traffic is easy, what is hard to get the right traffic to the right offer and mastering the one source
3rd Continually looking for the next traffic source distracts from what already exists and already works

My suggestion to the majority of people is to focus on taking one thing at a time that you know works, get successful at it and move on to the next traffic source after you make a profit and then outsource it.

Don’t overcomplicate making money online. Successful people never have to go back to the basics, because they never leave them.

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