The Only Reason I’m Successful

People have a lot of reasons why succeed, but I have a different philosophy which if you implement will change your perspective and your success very quickly.

The only reason why I’m more successful than you isn’t my charming personality (which doesn’t exist), nor is it 190 IQ (which is a lot lower). No, people use those things as either excuses or crutches to their success.

The real reason why I succeed is I’m willing to fail more than you.

I know before I start a job how long I should do it, when I should finish, and what the results should be. When I started off I had the same mentality I knew to succeed fast and fail fast. I should qualify and explain this to you…

Success has everything to do with doing something intelligently, quickly, and getting stuff out. You’ll sell 0% of things that never go out to make you money. I remember when I first started how I wanted my website so perfect, the banner so perfect, and then I realized (monthly later sadly) I was killing myself without making money.

It was only when I started doing webinars for companies that I knew that my success was contingent upon me putting stuff out and seeing where it fell down.

Reflecting now that I have all of these students, courses, and success I can say single-handedly the only reason why I succeeded is I put stuff out and seeing what happened afterwards. My first IM course for example went out spur of the moment without any prep just to see what traction I could get and then it just snow-balled.

Being I made the majority of my money on doing high-end coaching I realized so many people’s problems are all based on the fear of failure so they prepare themselves into oblivion reading the next book, or making sure everything is so perfect, but that’s not the reason for your success, but I can guarantee you it will be the reason why you never succeed.

I Succeed Because I’m Willing To Fail

I know what I bring to the table as far as my strategy, but if I can’t execute in the time that I see is most advantageous to my success, and be willing to fail 100% then I can’t go anywhere. I’m willing to make an ugly looking sales letter than wait 3 months so it looks perfect. I’m willing to focus on building up alliances to help my sales and selling rather than waiting to make sure I get everyone on board. I’m willing to make a blog post like this out for you to read than proof-read the thing to death so I can help you.

The bottom line is you’ll be that much more successful if you follow the same road:

  • Set Your Goals
  • Execute Quickly
  • Get Stuff Out That Makes You Money
  • Be Willing To Fail & Re-Organize

If you do that you are 99% on the road to success. I want you to succeed, I really do, so start selling something!!!

I’d love to hear what you think so drop me a comment down below! I promise I read all of them!

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