Building Your List!!!

These are the fastest and best ways for you to grow a list. Let me give you what priority I believe you might want to do in order to get a list IMMEDIATELY:

1. Course Method is great for a quick burst but it might not be ideal if you don’t have any idea of what you are selling. BUT!!! Greg, one of my students, sold my idea on intext marketing without knowing too much about it and just implemented a course.

A quick reminder that we tend to value other people’s information more than our own. We are always in a “giving” mode, but not in a “receiving” mode. Alejandro, my other student, didn’t realize his information on LinkedIn had any value and I had to tell him on vacation his mindset is all wrong and what he had to share had TREMENDOUS value.

2. Bonus Method is fantastic for a quick burst of getting a massive list very very fast. It is more evergreen than the course method, but if you do the course method and get traction then you can implement the course as a bonus as well. That’s exactly what I did with my 2nd WSO to make over 2,100 buyers on my list. Pay close attention as I think everyone can benefit immensely from this section.

3. Webinar Method is extremely valuable and can be used in conjunction with LinkedIn as well to build up a fast webinar. If you are interested in working with people who can give you referral after referral this is the way to go. In my opinion this is not the fastest way to build a list, but its probably the best way to build a buyers list long-term.


Simple… not only are they on your list but even if they don’t buy at that webinar, or if they attend a content only webinar you run,  you are building a relationship with everyone on the list that makes it easy for them to know, like and trust you quickly. To me this is the ultimate method because your list will not only buy cheaper things, but they will buy a lot more expensive things which allows you to deal with bigger marketers who have bigger lists and leverage yourself to a huge degree quickly.

Go through each module over to the left and get immediately traction and build that list!