Here’s a fact: most college grads (I think over 80%, maybe over 90%) end up in the career they didn’t get their degree in. Does it mean their degree was a failure or they failed in their planning?

I was reading this CEO of a tech firm and it was amazing to read him so succinctly point out the obvious that most entrepreneurs fail because they work too hard in the planning process and not in the execution. He said he doesn’t do business plans because no matter how clear they appear they unravel immediately once you get your hands dirty.

Probably the biggest reason why people fail is because they aren’t willing to get dirty and fail. In other words, most people fail before they even try to achieve victory because they spend too much time planning and not enough time doing those things they have to do to be successful.

My success has been in 80% in doing things which might even nonsensical at the time, but things became clearer once I started executing something. The point is there is no perfect solution to execution, what there is on the other hand is paralysis by analysis.

Ok, so why the paralysis? I can tell you because I know why personally have gone through why you aren’t ACTING instead of THINKING.

You’re Scared of Failing Because You Want To Be Certain You’re Doing The Right Thing!

And you know what? I’ll be the first to tell you that your instincts are right!

The reason why you are over-analyzing is that you instinctively know most of the stuff you are reading won’t work and you want to double check and triple check the accuracy of your action plan.

The truth is if you knew your action plan was sound you would be executing it immediately, and the only thing holding you back is an plan of execution which you knew worked.

What you need is to carefully examine if your plan is sound, and if it is sound you don’t wait to make sure everything is perfectly where it needs to be, you just execute and execute an execute, and just like that you will be on your way, and I’ll warn you in advance, it won’t be where you thought it would take you, but that’s because you can’t see all the doors that are going to open once you start going down that road.

Let me give you a case study: me

My passion is to help people succeed, and I love helping people with their health. I love reading books on marketing, health, and philosophy (you don’t have to call me a weird, I already know I am… nevertheless…) so my first goal was to help people solely with their health. As time went on I got requests from friends I help market their businesses and I got referral after referral after referral.

I got so bogged down helping my friends and their referrals that my time was being almost 100% consumed helping people with their passion and escaping the 9-5. Now this couldn’t have happened if I didn’t 1. Love to read useful stuff 2. Execute like crazy 3. Just go where the door was opening.

Now I still love the health niche but by just opening up doors I never knew existed I just went where my path was taking me. I still stick in the health niche, but solely as a hobby but who knows maybe more doors will open and things will just progress there someday.

Bottom line plan to succeed, execute like crazy, and go where the doors are opening. No one knows where it will end up but I can ASSURE you it will be an awesome experience that will allow you to take life on your terms.

Wayne Gretsky summed it up it best when he said you miss every shot you never take. Take your shot, regain your life, and I’ll talk to you soon in the meantime, talk to me. Comment down below on what’s hurting you from taking your shot at life!

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