Will You Be Doing This In A Year?

Before you start a project that you hope will make you money for a long time ask yourself this simple, yet over-looked question:

Will you be doing this in a year?

Sounds easy enough to answer, but if you fail to answer that question properly more than likely your whole business won’t work faster than you can blink your eye. Let’s say you are working really hard to make money and the project will make you a few thousand, but then you realize you can repeat that success what do you have?

You have a project, not a business, which is what you need to succeed.

I remember the big micro-niche sites that were the rave a few years ago. All you had to do was making a site that made you $5 a day and then make 100 of them and you’ll make $500/day. So simple anyone could do it right?

Well when Google changes its algorithm or their quality score standards all of those sites went bye-bye because they weren’t built to last to begin with.

Ok, so look at your business? Is it built to last? Are you building something which you could potentially sell to someone else because it’s a business? Well let’s look at a good example and show you how possible this really is…

I love the site http://www.recipesecrets.net and here’s a guy (and no I’m not an affiliate I just love the idea) because he just went out there and took something that he loved and was motivated to work hard and make things happen.

Now not only does he make money from his book, but he is soon to be selling a book, he can make speaking fees wherever he goes and he created a business the right way. Does this mean you need to create a book or going on speaking tours? Not a bit!

But ask if your efforts are long-term or short-term for success and require you to re-create yourself with all new learning every 5 minutes to stay afloat. My guess is if you do that the odds of your success long-term will close to ZERO.

So instead of creating a cookbook are you creating marketing that will last a year from now? When you are creating an advertising budget will the advertising you are doing be repeatable? If it isn’t you need to refocus your business and change it until it is a business.

Here are some good ideas if you feel stuck:

  • Love to advertise and are good at it? Well not only can you be an affiliate but did you know that most affiliates also sell their advertising services to others as a freelancer and when you get good enough you can lock up 6 & 7 figure deals with big companies to advertise for them (and you get to split test with their money instead of yours)
  • Are you a good product creator? Well think of a line of products in the same niche that can grow a brand
  • Are you a good motivator? Well you can act as a coach to others and go on radio programs (even web radio programs)
  • Are you good as an organizer? Ok, so that means you can be a JV manager and get bigger and better deals as you advance up the ladder

If you think like this your odds of success not only go up, but you’ll make more money every month until you have a real business going.

Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you!

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